The Steering Committee

In accordance with the 2006 Government resolution (Hebrew), a Steering Committee has accompanied the TNUDA Center and its activities since its establishment.


Structure of the Committee     

The Committee is composed of representatives of various bodies, including representatives of: the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space (Chairman); other Ministries (Defense, Communications, Environmental Protection, Health, and National Infrastructure); the Chief Scientists' Forum; the Ministry of Finance responsible for Budgets; the Committee for Atomic Energy; Higher Education institutions; the Consumers' Association; and Environmental activists.

The Chairman of the Committee is Mr. Avi Anati, Deputy Director-General for Planning and Control Division at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space.


Responsibilities of the Steering Committee:

  • To accompany the activities  of the Center continuously in its scientific, budgetary and operational aspects;
  • To assess the Center's achievements with respect to the national, scientific and professional goals;


The Steering Committee is responsible for presenting an Annual Report on the activities of the Center to the Minister of Science, Technology and Space.