Are there recommendations regarding the use of Wi-Fi networks in private homes?

In general, the level of radiation measured during the use of Wi-Fi is low.  The maximal transmission output of a typical cordless home router is about 100 milli-watts, and at a distance of 1 meter from it the level is only about 1 micro-watts/cm2.  This level is only 1% of the recommended threshold in Israel for exposure to transmission at the recognized frequency for the Wi-Fi network.  Modern forms of routers and mobile phones emit levels lower than this, and may drop to a level of 20 milli-watts.


When using laptops or mobile phones connected to the Wi-Fi network, the individual exposure to radiation emitted by the device is greater, because of its proximity to the body: at a distance of 30 cm the maximal exposure is about 9 micro-watts/cm2.  This is an exposure additional to that emitted by the cordless router.  In general, the recommended threshold value for exposure to any source of transmission at Wi-Fi frequency is 100 micro-watts/cm2, in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.


As mentioned under placement of devices during sleep, it is best not to place the cordless router in the bedroom near the bed, or in any room where one spends many hours consecutively near the device.  It is also possible to disconnect the transmission from the router while the Wi-Fi network is not in use, such as at night.