Terms of Use


"Tnuda Information Center" – A national center, constituted in accordance with a government decision, to provide information on health effects of non-ionizing radiation; Tnuda Information Center refers to its directors and staff, and/or any individual acting on its behalf or under this title (hereinafter: “Tnuda” and/or “the Information Center”).


The Information Center is supported by the Gertner Research Institute for Epidemiology and Health Policy Research (Public Benefit Company), located at the Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer 5265601, and the Holon Institute of Technology– HIT – (Registered Association), located at 52 Golomb St, Holon 5810201.


"User" – Any entity and/or individual who uses the Website, or contacts Tnuda, or makes use, in any way, of the services provided by the Website (“the Services”).


“Website” - Tnuda’s website at and/or any other website of the Tnuda Information Center and/or any other online publication by the Tnuda Information Center.


"Content" – Information of any type appearing on the Website, including verbal, visual, vocal, audiovisual, or any combination of these, as well as their design, compilation, editing, distribution and mode of presentation.




The information on this Website is of a general nature, updated to the date of compilation, and does not imply suggestion, advice, opinion, or medical or legal interpretation, personal or specific.  The information is not intended to serve as a substitute for direct consultation with the appropriate professionals. Reliance on the information from the Website is the sole responsibility of the User, in accordance with the Terms of Use of the Website.




The use of the Services provided by the Information Center, including the Website and its contents, and the Services provided through them, are subject to these Terms of Use, and imply the User's acceptance of these terms. The User is therefore requested to read them carefully.  Because these terms may be updated periodically, the User should study them every time he/she wishes to use the Services.

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Use of the Services, and/or the Website and its contents is intended for informational and research purposes. The Information Center does its utmost to provide accurate and up to date information. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the Services and/or the Website are provided to the public 'As Is', and the Information Center is not responsible for any loss, debt, expense and/or damage, direct or indirect, experienced by the User or anyone acting on his/her behalf, directly or indirectly, related to, or resulting from the use of the Services and/or the Website, including, and without contradicting the general remarks above, the use of applications downloaded directly from the Website or used as a result of surfing the Website.


It must be understood that the Information Center is not responsible for the use of citations from external sources appearing on the website, or for the accuracy or updating of the citations used.


The links to 'third party' websites should not be interpreted as benefiting from endorsement, authorization, recommendation or preference on the part of the Information Center, including documents or other material they comprise, the Website operators, or products mentioned.


The contents of the Website will be updated periodically, to reflect changes in the relevant topics; the Website does not guarantee that at any given time the most recent information has been included.  The Information Center is not responsible for errors and mistakes in the content presented on the Website.  The Information Center is not responsible for changes in content made by the User or any third party, whether intentional or not. The User bears sole responsibility for the use made of the contents of the Website.


Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights including trademarks, images, graphics, colors, texts and all copyright for the contents of the Website and/or the Services are the property of the Information Center, excluding material designated as coming from third parties and/or from external sources.   The User is entitled to use the contents only in accordance with the legal conditions and the law, including the issue of fair use and the issue of giving due credit to sources. This means that the User is not entitled to distort, damage, change or perform any other activity aimed at discrediting the content in any way that will affect the respect or reputation of the owner of the copyright.  The User may not perform the following activities on the content: copying, public display, allowing public use, broadcasting or creating a segment/derivative of the contents, without prior written agreement of the Information Center or any other entity holding a copyright or any other right, as the case may be. The User will not alter the contents of the Website or display inaccurately contents from the Website or other content from the Information Center and/or the Services, or commit any other action that may be construed damaging, diluting or as decreasing Tnuda’s reputation or goodwill.


Official documents of the State of Israel

The Website contains citations and quotations from official State of Israel documents, guidelines from government ministries, etc., (External Publications').  The User must ensure that there is no contradiction or discrepancy between the External Publication and the Website, due to possible updating of the External Publication.  Where such a contradiction or discrepancy exists, the External Publication should be considered as correct.


Use of the Website

The User may use the Website strictly for non-commercial purposes.


The User may not use any computer application or other tool, including programs such as Robots, Crawlers, etc., for searching, scanning, copying or automatic retrieval of the contents of the Website.  In other words, such tools may not be used to create a selection, compilation or database comprising material from the Website; material from the Website may not be presented in a 'frame', revealed or concealed; the contents of the Website may not be presented in any way – including by any program, device, instrument, or communications protocol – that will change the design of the Website's contents, or omit any content, especially advertisements and commercial items; the User may not link the Website or its contents to any Website containing pornographic material, incitement to racism or any form of discrimination, or any other content in conflict with the law or morality, or encouraging behavior in conflict with the law or morality, or whose publication is conflict with the law or morality; the User may not create links to contents of the website that are not related to the Home Page ('deep links'), or present or publish such material in any way, unless the deep link is to a complete web page in the Website, 'as is', so that it may be seen and used exactly as on the Website.  In this context the User may not create links to material on the Website independently of the web pages as they appear in the Website, but only to the whole page on which they appear on the Website (e.g. the User may not create a direct link to an image or graphic document on the Website, but only to the whole page on which it appears).  Moreover, the exact URL address of the page on the Website must appear in the regular place on the User's interface, e.g. in the status bar of the User's browser.  The User may not alter, distort or hide this URL address or replace it with any other.


The Information Center will not be held responsible for any damage incurred through linkage to contents of the Website or through presentation or publication of its contents by any other means.  The Information Center will not be held liable for any improper or incorrect use of the Website. The Information Center does not and will not assume responsibility for the User’s use of the Services, Content or information. The User bears total and sole responsibility for any use or linkage, presentation or publication of contents created by the User, and undertakes to indemnify the Information Center for any damage that may result from such action.


By using the Website, the User agrees that Tnuda bears no liability for any kind of use of the Website.



The User undertakes to indemnify the Information Center for any damages, debts, loss of profit, payments or expenses incurred, including all relevant legal expenses, caused by violation of these Terms of Use, including any claim, prosecution or demands from a third party.


Law and Jurisdiction

The laws of the State of Israel will govern the Terms of Use and the Information Center’s Website and/or Services exclusively.  The only venue for jurisdiction regarding any matter related to this agreement and/or the Services are the authorized courts of the Tel Aviv and Lod-Center districts.