Methodologies of Research on Non-Ionizing Radiation




The aim of scientific research on non-ionizing radiation is to determine the consequences of exposure to this type of radiation on living organisms, and to study the mechanisms through which it may exert its effects



In general, scientific biological research is conducted on three main levels:


כלים לשימוש במעבדה


עכבר ניסוי במעבדה


תמונת המחשה: אוכלוסיית אנשים



Each of these research levels provides answers to a variety of questions regarding the biological effects of non-ionizing radiation.  The cumulative information gathered at each level of research and the processing of data from all levels will give a comprehensive picture of the potential effects of non-ionizing radiation on human health  and on the processes taking place in the body as a result of exposure to it. 

The knowledge obtained from the scientific research will contribute to the formulation of guidelines to the public regarding the educated use of devices emitting non-ionizing radiation, such as mobile phones.