The Tnuda Center in the International Context

Since the late 1990s there has been an ongoing polemic, in Israel and worldwide, regarding exposure to non-ionizing radiation and its impact on public health.  This polemic concerns all levels of the population and involves scientists, the general public, governmental institutions, and other organizations.  The issue has far-reaching economic, behavioral- social, legislative and health consequences.  Hence the need for well-founded up-to-date information is global and is not restricted to a particular geographic region.


In Israel, as in other countries, the need for making information accessible and for taking action to cope with the issues arising from the use of technologies involving non-ionizing radiation, has been widely recognized.


The EMF-Portal is a German website that provides information on research on the effects of electromagnetic fields on humans and on biological systems.  The site serves interested scientists, politicians, lawyers, physicians and citizens in general, with the stated object of enabling evidence-based decision making.

This site includes:

  • Links to scientific articles on electromagnetic fields (some with summaries)
  • Research reviews on selected subjects (with graphs)
  • Exposure assessment – technical information on sources of exposure, electrical appliances and systems in daily use.
  • Basic explanations on the physics of electromagnetic fields

A number of additional web sites on non-ionizing radiation and its effects are available.


Recognition of the global necessity for educated decisions on non-ionizing radiation, and for making the information accessible to the public, led the TNUDA Center to collaborate on an international level with similar professional bodies throughout the world.