Health Effects of Exposure to Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation

In today's world we commonly use a variety of devices and technologies that emit RF radiation, such as cell phones, tablets etc.

Along with the advantages provided by this technology, we must ask ourselves what are the possible health effects of this exposure?


Brain tumors in children & adolescents


Sperm cells


Auditory system

  • What do we know about the association between exposure to RF radiation and the development of cancer?
  • Can keeping a cell phone in men's pants pockets harm their fertility?
  • Does RF radiation cause hearing impairment?
  • Are children more sensitive to this type of radiation?

Health effects on children & adolescents



To answer these and other questions, extensive research is taking place trying to evaluate the safety of using non-ionizing radiation emitting technologies.


For now, the research is not managing to keep up with the pace of technology...