Policy-Making & Implementation in Israel


The regulation of non-ionizing radiation in Israel includes laws, regulations, ordinances, recommendation and guidelines, according to which it operates.  The purpose of regulation in this topic is to safeguard public health and safety against harmful effects of exposure to non-ionizing radiation on the one hand, while allowing for technological advances, in accordance with the precautionary principle.



The Knesset in Plenary Session

The Knesset in Plenary Session
(from the Knesset Website)

In the area of non- ionizing radiation, a number of Government ministries and public bodies are involved in the policy making process and its and implementation, each responsible for a different aspect of this issue.  In addition to the entities directly and continuously involved, the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Finance are concerned with the overall policy-making that aims to balance the interests of the Israeli economy in general, given the policies determined by the various ministries responsible for this topic.  In the section entitled "Groups involved" you will find information on the different bodies that operate in Israel in this field.


Since dealing with this subject necessitates the use of various terms such as law, regulations, CEO circulars, guidelines, etc., we found it pertinent to clarify these terms for the user who is not familiar with legislation and administration. These terms can be found in the section under Regulation entitled 'Toolbox'.