Radiation Measurements

Radiation Measurements

How can radiation be measured?

In Israel, a reliable test of the electromagnetic radiation level can be performed via a certified surveyor from the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection website publishes a list of individuals certified to perform radiation tests (Hebrew).

You can read about non-ionizing radiation measurements in an article by Dr Amnon Duvdevani (Hebrew), specialist of non-ionizing radiation hazards, on the Israel Institute for Occupational Safety and Hygiene website.

Is there a guideline regularizing the frequency of radiation measurements in schools?

The Ministry of Education instructs the local authorities to supervise interior sources of radiation by general directive statements. The Environmental Protection Ministry is responsible for overseeing external radiation sources, according to the non- ionizing radiation law.

An Education Ministry General Director Statement from 2013 (“use of communication equipment and end-user devices in schools – health and safety effects”) published guidelines regarding radiation measurements in schools. According to the directive: “in every school where communication equipment and end-user devices are installed RF and ELF radiation measurements must be performed by a qualified person prior to and after installation, and to ensure that radiation levels meet the Environmental Protection Ministry requirements. The measurements must be performed when the equipment is activated all over the school.”

The Education Ministry Environmental Safety Department has updated that radiofrequency (RF) and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation measurements are performed during installation and whenever there is a change in the network and in the extent of the equipment and end-user devices.

For more on the subject of ELF radiation measurement see Exposure to radiation from the electric grid in schools.