Mobile Phone Use While Driving – an International View


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  • In most developed countries, there are restrictions on cell phone use when driving. These limits are based on the proven risk of traffic accidents resulting from distracted driving while using a cell phone.
    Possible biological effects of radiation on the driver are not a concern in the formation of these laws.

  • Studies have shown that the effects of using a cell phone while driving are comparable to the effects of alcohol consumption on driving. 

  • For new drivers, for whom driving is not automatic, studies have found that cell phone use has greater impact on driving ability than for experienced drivers.

  • Many countries have implemented legislation banning mobile phone use without a hands free device. Correct to 2013, more than 40 countries have passed such legislation. The list includes Israel, Australia, Canada, Russia and Kenya, sixteen U.S. states and territories and all EU member states except Sweden.


  • A small number of countries have banned mobile phone use entirely while driving (e.g. Portugal, New Delhi (India), and Japan). 

  • Other countries (e.g. Sweden) are focusing on driver education to reduce cell phone use due to the difficulty of enforcing legislation banning cell phone use while driving.





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