The Steering Committee

In accordance with the 2006 Government resolution (Hebrew), a Steering Committee has accompanied the TNUDA Center and its activities (since its establishment until 2015).


Structure of the Committee     

The Committee was composed of representatives of various bodies, including representatives of: the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space (Chairman); other Ministries (Defense, Communications, Environmental Protection, Health, and National Infrastructure); the Chief Scientists' Forum; the Ministry of Finance responsible for Budgets; the Committee for Atomic Energy; Higher Education institutions; the Consumers' Association; and Environmental activists.

The Chairman of the Committee was Mr. Avi Anati, Deputy Director-General for Planning and Control Division at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space.


Responsibilities of the Steering Committee:

  • To accompany the activities  of the Center continuously in its scientific, budgetary and operational aspects;
  • To assess the Center's achievements with respect to the national, scientific and professional goals;


The Steering Committee was responsible for presenting an Annual Report on the activities of the Center to the Minister of Science, Technology and Space in the years 2013-2015.