The Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) recommends close monitoring the implementation of the 5th generation.


Is there any health risk?

According to the measurements and the calculations conducted, the levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields from the 5G antennas and telephones are below the exposure limitations recommended by the EU. However, an increase in the number of sources of exposure and data communication is expected.

There is public concern about health implications of exposure to the 5G technology. Some of the studies conducted on current generations of cellular communication provide an indication of health implications. However, existing scientific research has not shown that exposure below the limitations causes health damage.


What is being done for a safety test of the 5th generation implementation?

RIVM follows the guidelines of the Netherlands Radio Communications Agency and reviews the existing scientific literature on exposure and possible health implications of the 5G systems. In addition, the Agency and RIVM perform measurements on the 5th generation systems.