New Zealand

Is there any health risk?

In New Zealand 5G network has already been launched in limited locations with further rollout planned. Most of the currently available devices lack 5G capability. Therefore, the potential exposure will be low until consumers purchase 5G phones. New Zealand complies with international guidelines and exposure limitations (based on the ICNIRP guidelines).

According to the existing scientific knowledge, it is unlikely that there will be adverse health effects for humans or the environment. Further monitoring of the exposure risks is needed, especially since new antennas of the 5th generation will be installed. Conduction/ examination of new studies is also needed.


Who is responsible for the safety testing of the 5th generation implementation?

The Ministry of Health has an advisory committee consisting of government, industry, academia and consumer representatives that oversees and reviews new studies. The committee meets every six months and reports to the Ministry of Health. At the same time, continuous monitoring of antennas is performed.