First Expert Meeting



The first Expert Meeting of the TNUDA Information Center was held at the Holon Institute of Technology (H.I.T) in November 2013.


The TNUDA Information Center is closely supported by an Expert Committee composed of scientists from Israel and abroad, including experts in biology and basic research, medicine, public health, epidemiology, health policy-making, and engineering.  Knowledge on non-ionizing radiation is very complex and thus requires synergy between many fields of expertise.


At this meeting, the aims of the Center, its achievements and activities to date were reviewed.  In addition, lively discussions took place. These dealt with methods of presenting information on non-ionizing radiation in the media, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and the introduction of a new project funded by the European Union, which will review the relationships between non-ionizing radiation, health effects, risk assessment and public health.


The TNUDA Information Center ascribes great importance to collaboration with international researchers and organizations, aiming to broaden discussion and research on the subject of non-ionizing radiation and its impact on public health, and to streamline the process of making the information available to the public.


The meeting contributed to the ongoing activities of the TNUDA Information Center, and suggested additional aims and objectives.


The staff of the TNUDA Information Center and members of the steering committee that oversees its activities took part in the discussions.  In addition, three experts from abroad participated in the meeting via Skype.