The TNUDA Information Center has published updated Recommendations for Educated Use of Cellphones


In light of the time that passed since the publication of the Recommendations for Educated Use of Cellphones (2008) and the increase in the use of devices emitting RF radiation in the general public, as well as the change in technology and usage patterns, the TNUDA Center updated and expanded the existing recommendations.

The recommendations take into account the technological needs of Israeli society, along with the level of caution required by updated scientific information, to balance between the needs of the population and the maintenance of its health.

The updated recommendations are based on an extensive review of the world’s recommendations conducted by the Center. In addition to the existing recommendations, new recommendations can be found, such as preferring sending a message to phone conversation and distancing the cell phone from the body during extended broadcasts.

The recommendations are organized based on three main principles: distance, time and power. In addition, since in accordance with the TNUDA Center's position, apart from radiation exposure effects, other effects related to the use of technology should also be considered, the recommendations also include a reference to "sleep hygiene" in the adult population and children, and the issue of distraction while driving.


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