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מחקר "GERoNiMo"

New international study was launched in January 2014, to investigate the potential effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields on the risks of developing cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, behavioral changes, and its impact on reproductive outcomes and aging.  The study will last five years.


GERoNiMO  - Generalized EMF Research using Novel Methods –

Over the past few decades we have witnessed a dramatic increase in the spread of electromagnetic fields throughout the world, alongside growing concern both among experts and the general public regarding the potential health effects of exposure to these fields. Despite the research being conducted on this subject, opinions are still divided as to the health impact of electromagnetic fields.

Consequently, the aim of this new study is to broaden knowledge on the health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields, and to propose means of reducing this exposure.

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We are proud to announce the establishment of the first Israeli national center for information on non-ionizing radiation and its effects on public health.

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First expert meeting


The first Expert Meeting of the TNUDA Information Center was held at the Holon Institute of Technology (H.I.T) in November 2013.


The TNUDA Information Center is closely supported by an Expert Committee composed of scientists from Israel and abroad, including experts in biology and basic research, medicine, public health, epidemiology, health policy-making, and engineering.  Knowledge on non-ionizing radiation is very complex and thus requires synergy between many fields of expertise.Read More >