Position Paper on Electromagnetic Radiation in the Student Environment

In November 2010, a position paper on the subject of "Electromagnetic radiation in the student environment" (Hebrew)  was published.  This was formulated at the request of MK Dov Hanin, following a discussion by the Knesset Committee for Internal Affairs and Environmental Protection.  The paper was prepared by Prof Siegal Sadetzki, on behalf of the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Education and the Israel Electricity Company.


The purpose of the position paper was to summarize the various types of exposures to non-ionizing radiation from man-made sources, to which the student in the educational system is exposed, and to lead to a comprehensive discussion on the steps to be taken to reduce this exposure and protect student health.


The guiding principle in formulating the document was that there was an ethical, moral and legal obligation on the part of the educational system and the State to protect its children's health, and that there is a need to apply the precautionary principle also within the educational system.  The document emphasized that the student population consisted of children and adolescents who represent a sub-population with unique characteristics.


On the issue of using wireless communication networks, the document stated that preference should be given to relatively simple and approved technologies, such as landline communication, rather than introducing computerized communication technologies based on wireless communication.


Position of the TNUDA Information Center



While the guiding principles outlined in the above position paper remain relevant, the TNUDA center's current approach is that in formulating policy regarding the use of wireless communication in schools, further considerations should be weighed (such as the typically low level of radiation, as observed in studies evaluating Wi-Fi use, technical problems in wiring landline-based Internet in dynamic classes, etc.). These considerations are outlined in the latest CEO Circular from the Ministry of Education (Hebrew), dated 8.7.2013, "Introduction to Communications Equipment and end-user-devices in schools – Health and Safety Considerations ".





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