Terms beginning with D

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A macromolecule responsible for the development and function of living cells and constitutes the genetic material.This large molecule, found in the body cells of all living organisms, is composed of building-blocks named nucleic acids, and consists of two strands coiled around each other, forming a double helix.קרא עוד >

A branch of medicine dealing with skin disorders.קרא עוד >

An electronic component allowing electric current flow in one direction only. A diode is formed at an intersection of two types of materials (semiconductors). The importance of using diodes in electronic circuits is in their combination with an alternating voltage source.קרא עוד >

An electric current, ie the unidirectional flow or movement of electric charge carriers (electrons or ions, or both), which flow uniformly, from the negative pole of an electrical power source (eg a battery) via an electric circuit to its positive pole, or vice versa (positive pole to the negative pole). When the electrical power poles are fixed, the positive pole is always positive, and the negative pole is always negative. Therefore, the direction of the electric current does not change.קרא עוד >

A process whereby impurities are intentionally introduced into a semiconductor for the purpose of increasing its electrical conductivity (a semiconductor is a solid material that has intermediate electrical conductivity – between an insulator and a conductor).קרא עוד >

Situation where the risk increases with the level of exposure. A dose-response relationship supports causality, but the lack of this relationship does not necessarily rule out a causal relationship.קרא עוד >

Assessment of the amount of electromagnetic field absorbed by the body of a human or other animal (or any live component, such as an organ, tissue, cell, etc.), expressed in clearly measurable effects.The amount may be determined by measurement or calculation of the internal electric field intensity, the density of the induced current, the level of density and intensity absorbed by the body, such as by induced currents, heating of tissues, etc.קרא עוד >