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The scientific branch of the World Health Organization that deals with research on cancer.The aim of the Agency, composed of 22 member states to date, is to advance research towards a better understanding of the causes of cancer, ways of preventing it and minimizing morbidity.In 2011 the Agency classified radio frequency radiation as a 'possible carcinogen' in humans.קרא עוד >

Independent scientific body that aims to examine and evaluate scientific knowledge relating to exposure to wave frequencies in the range of up to 300 GHz, and to provide information and guidance regarding possible health hazards of exposure to non-ionizing radiation.קרא עוד >

A medical phenomenon or a disease that develops spontaneously or is due to an unknown source.קרא עוד >

The number of new cases of a disease in a population during a defined period (usually one year).קרא עוד >

In Israel, a permit issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection is required in order to install a source of radiation.  The permit refers to the source of radiation or a specific type of sources of radiation, and is subject to certain conditions.  Amongst these: measurement of maximal levels of exposure expected from the source of radiation based on technical data, operating the source of radiation for a defined period, and performing trial assessments over a period set by the law.קרא עוד >

Refers to the active capacity of energy, such as electromagnetic radiation energy, necessary for the removal of the electrons, which are negatively-charged, from atoms or molecules. Each basic physical element (atom) is characterized by the threshold level of ionizing energy specific to it.קרא עוד >

The high frequency range of the electromagnetic spectrum, whose lower limit passes through the range of ultraviolet light. Electromagnetic radiation in this frequency range is able to change the structure of atoms or molecules, by ionization.קרא עוד >

A segment of the electromagnetic spectrum in the range of wavelengths 1mm-1 micron, with a range of frequencies  from 300 GHz (Gigahertz) to 300 THz (Terahertz).קרא עוד >