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Defined and controlled exposure of an adult to electromagnetic radiation in the occupational context.Such persons are monitored and trained to be aware of the possible hazards involved in their work and are provided tools to take precautionary measures.קרא עוד >

A moderating derivative of the exposure threshold that applies to the general public.This leniency is allowed because it refers to defined and controlled exposure of adults to electromagnetic radiation in the context of the workplace.קרא עוד >

A measure for estimating risk in case-control studies.

In Israel, a permit issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection is required in order to operate a source of radiation.This permit must be in accordance with the requirements detailed by law.Amongst these: site measurement of levels of exposure to the source of radiation.The permit is issued for a limited period, in accordance with the regulations.קרא עוד >

Living creatureקרא עוד >