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A benign tumor that arises in the auditory canal and grows slowly on the auditory nerve.  Typical signs of the tumor are: disturbances in hearing and balance that may be expressed as gradual hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo and falls.

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An electric current, ie the movement of electric charges (electrons or ions, or both) that changes direction cyclically following a periodic change in the polarity of the electric power source (voltage), (current frequency).

Number of cycles per second is measured in units of Hertz. (HZ)

AC technology was developed by the Serbian physicist Nikola Tesla. AC is commonly used in applications where high power is required. 

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One of the physical measures which characterizes electromagnetic radiation. The "height" or amplitude of a wave describes the intensity of the fields (electric and magnetic) of radiation.קרא עוד >

A device that constitutes an interface between an electric circuit and space, and serves to transmit and receive electromagnetic waves. It is generally made of metal and is capable of converting an electric current into electromagnetic radiation and vice versa.קרא עוד >

The basic unit of any element, comprising a nucleus and a cloud of electrons surrounding it.  Electrons are negatively charged, and the nucleus is positively charged.  The nucleus is composed of neutrons (no electric charge) and protons (positively charged).  The electrons are attached to the nucleus by means of electromagnetic power.  The atoms composing matter are attached to each other by chemical bonds to form molecules.קרא עוד >

The mass of an atomic or subatomic particle or molecule.It is the unit that defines the weight of basic elements in the periodic table.קרא עוד >

A measure for indicating how much of the disease that occurs can be accounted for by a certain exposure.

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